Temperature-Controlled Electric Wax-Carving Units - Icarus Series

The new ICARUS electric wax-carving units allow easy and very precise modelling with continuous temperature control.

The system consist of a temperature-control base unit able to set the precise temperature of the handpiece heater between 35°C and 200°C.The base unit and the very functional handpiece are produced in plastic material.The heat-proof handle is designed to avoid any incovenience due to over heating after long periods of use.Its ergonomic design and light weight permit very easy handling and precision during microscope operation.ICARUS 20 model offers the same features as ICARUS 10 system, but is equipped with 2 handpieces with indipendent heat regulation and connection for two pedal control.



Tips: (1-5) P.K. Thomas series; (6) Knife; (7) Lecron; (8) Lancet; (9) Spatula
ICARUS tips are designed to permit an easy carving. The nine available small-size tips are interchangeable and allow easy and precise handling also during microscope operation. Produced in corrosion-proof heat trasmitting metal. Permits carving of both fixed and removable prosthesis.
The equipments are in compliance with following norms or documents: EMC 89/336/CEE (EN55011B), 73/23/CEE(EN61010-1)
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