Surgical instruments decontamination

SOLTEC’s flexibility in design and production goes hand in hand with important ongoing collaboration with major Italian and international research groups and institutions including the recent project with the Department of Environmental Science and Pharmacology of the University of Milan. Using SONICA®, equipment and a special cleaning fluid, an important research project into decontamination, cleaning and disinfecting surgical equipment has recently been undertaken.

Annals of Microbiology, 54 (2), 233-243 (2004)

A new methodology for decontamination of dental instruments by an ultrasonic cleaner based on Sweep System Technology

Particulate matter in the Milan area

E. Bolzacchini, J. Hjorth, V. Gianelle, B. Rindone, G. Sesana, S.Villa, V. Maggi, S.Guidi


SOLTEC srl know-how allows to project, build and test special customized executions.

For example, we have recently delivered a special ultrasonic cleaner to the italian antarctic base in BAIA TERRA NOVA, on the Ross Sea. In this scientific outpost on the other side of the planet, technicians, scientists and military personnel are co-operating on the PNRA project: the National Antarctic Research Project.

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