Dewatering tanks
designed for removing water residual from pieces

SONICA dewatering tanks

Dewatering Tank with stainless steel lid. Double bottom and drain for residual water and sludge removal.

Dewatering tanks are expressly designed to remove the water residual from the surface of the pieces. These tanks have a double bottom and a drain (1/2") for the residual water and sludge removal. After washing in SONICA® cleaner just place the basket (with the pieces inside) into the DEWATERING tank filled with the SONICA DW-1 solution. The chemical action of the DW-1 consist in the removal of the water residual and leave on the surface a protective film of oil on the surface of the piece. The final result is obtained after few minutes of immersion in SONICA DW-1. This technique is commonly used in mechanics (i.e. tools, gears, etc.)

Available models

Model Tank dimensions External dimensions Capacity
SONICA DW-3000 300x240x150 mm 400x270x370 mm 9,5 l
SONICA DW-4000 330x300x200 mm 440x340x425 mm 18 l
SONICA DW-5000 500x300x200 mm 600x330x425mm 28 l
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