New SONICA Oscillating cleaning basket compact device

The new SONICA Automatic Oscillating Basket Device has been designed by SOLTEC R&D Department for a better and faster cleaning parts during precision Ultrasonic cleaning procedures.
The automatic basket movement inside the Ultrasonic Cleaner during ultrasonic cavitation propagation in the cleaning fluids, improves the cleaning effects.
It is possible to dissolve soils and dirty particles in a few minutes if compared with a normal Ultrasonic Cleaaner without an oscillating basket device.

With SONICA Automatic Oscillating Device now you can save time and obtain better cleaning results for:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and decontamination of surgical instruments before the sterilization process in small clinics and hospitals
  • Ultrasonic rinsing of all parts after ultrasonic cleaning process in modular systems
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of small and medium parts in production, craft and service

It's available only for SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners model 5200 and 5300 [21 and 28 Litres].
For other models will coming soon
Stay tuned!

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