SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners at EXPODENT 2016 in Chile

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EXPODENT 2016 Santiago Chile SOLTEC SONICA ULtrasonic Cleaners

In many countries worldwide, SOLTEC Company successfully combines a global presence.
Today we present our local high qualified distributor for Ultrasonic Cleaners in Chile, GEMCO General Machinery S.A.
Ultrasonic Cleaners are used in medical and dental facilities because remove in a few minutes soil and bioburden from surgical instruments. 
If surgical instruments are not properly cleaned, they cannot be sterile also if treated in autoclave. Many residues of soil and bioburden can invalidate the sterilization process.

For any further information or SOLTEC product request, please contact:

Mr. Fernando Vergara Barbagelata

Gemco General Machinery

Calle Los Nidos 1212 Independencia - Santiago Chile

GEMCO General Machinery presented at EXPODENT in Chile our complete line of SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners and our innovative automatic appliance SONICA TRENDMATIC TD with Ultrasonic Cleaning cycle, automatic rinsing cycle, special thermo disinfection and drying cycle for a correct surgical instruments treatment.
Here you can find some images regarding first day at Expodent 2016 in Santiago, the most Important dental exhibition in Chile.

SONICA Chile Gemco Genaral Machinery SantiagoSONICA Ultrasonic cleaner and SONICA TRENDMATIC TD the innovative automatic appliance ALL IN ONE

SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaner for dentistsSONICA Ultrasonic Cleaner specific for dental clinics

GEMCO booth at EXPODENT 2016 in Santiago de ChileGEMCO General Machinery booth at EXPODENT 2016 in Santiago de Chile

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