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Ultrasonic precision cleaning is a modern, safe, efficient, most economical and fastest way for effectively removing of contaminants and tenacious deposits from objects with complex geometry. The ultrasonic cleaning benefits consist of a deep cleaning of the objects and the elimination  of the risk of injury or infection with manual cleaning.

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The ultrasonic cleaning mechanism consists of an electronic generator coupled to one or more piezoelectric transducers (according to the model) which are attached to the outside base of the tank in stainless steel containing the cleaning fluid. The electronic ultrasonic generator produces a continuous signal at a frequency about 40 kHz, and pilots the piezoelectric transducers which transform the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration with a frequency of 40,000 oscillations per second in the cleaning fluid in the tank.
These pressure and vacuum oscillations create a huge quantity of micro-bubbles in the cleaning liquid which, by imploding in extremely rapid succession, create enormous impact energies between the detergent liquid and the surface to be cleaned. This is known as "cavitation" and provides an efficient and safe cleaning method in less time.
This high ultrasonic acoustic energy removes dirt, oil, grease, filings, small chips, surface dust, biofilm, organic matter and contamination of various kind from different shaped items like mechanical parts, gears, moulds, surgical instruments, precision instruments.
At present, SOLTEC produces over 20 models with more than 50 different versions. Each component of SONICA ultrasonic cleaner was designed and produced for achieving the best results in the field of precision cleaning.

SONICA® Sweep System Technology

The new SONICA S3 contains the best you can ask from ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

The state-of-the art ultrasonic generator incorporates a special ultrasonic oscillator using Sweep System Technology.

The diagram below shows the difference between a bath ultrasonic cleaner with conventional ultrasonic power generator (traditional system) and a new ultrasonic generator equipped with a special ultrasonic oscillator with the Sweep System Technology. The two systems are compared and show the different distribution of the ultrasonic waves into the cleaning liquid, their waveform oscilloscope view and finally the practical results obtained on a sample of aluminum.


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How does the Sweep System Technology work in the ultrasonic cleaning ?

With Sweep System technology, the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator is modulated around a center frequency, so the ultrasonic transducers shift between 39 and 41 kHz.
Sweep System Technology  offers the following advantages:

  • Faster cleaning
  • Damage free cleaning
  • Increased distribution of ultrasound energy eliminating the standing waves
  • Improved cavitation
  • Facilitate the ultrasonic wave crossing through the mesh wire basket and the complicated objects to be cleaned

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