Dryers with hot air




SONICA dryers are expressly designed to dry parts after ultrasonic cleaning process.

After rinsing we reccomend a final rinsing with demineralizated water. Just place wet parts into the dryer, set temperature and time and start the process.



  • Very short time drying.
  • Adjustable time and temperature setting.
  • Allows to treat miscellaneus parts and components


Models available

Model Internal dimensions Product Code
SONICA DRY TR60 490x360x340 mm 092.001.0001
SONICA DRY TR120 600x360x480 mm 092.001.0002
SONICA DRY TR240 700x550x640 mm 092.001.0003
SONICA DRY TR420 710x550x1080 mm 092.001.0004
SONICA DRY TR1050 1240x570x1510 mm 092.001.0005
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