Why Customers Choose TRENDMATIC?



  • Pre-washing function with pressurised spray water jets
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning with automatic detergent dosing
  • Multiple rinses with pressurised clean water spray jets
  • Drying function
  • Possibility of thermal disinfection cycle at 93°C for 3 minutes for model 9 TD
  • Traceability system on USB memory of each cycle data
  • Wide graphic LCD display with resistive touchscreen

Surgical Instrument Reprocessing


                 Surgical Instrument Reprocessing

                                                    Part 1

New SONICA Oscillating cleaning basket compact device


The new SONICA Automatic Oscillating Basket Device has been designed by SOLTEC R&D Department for a better and faster cleaning parts during precision Ultrasonic cleaning procedures.
The automatic basket movement inside the Ultrasonic Cleaner during ultrasonic cavitation propagation in the cleaning fluids, improves the cleaning effects.

SOLTEC Srl is one of the first Italian Companies has been certified ISO 9001:2015 by the KIWA CERMET Italia certification body.




Milan | 11st May 2016

Having already been awarded ISO 13485 certification for manufacturers of medical devices, SOLTEC has now also been certified ISO 9001:2015 by the internationally-recognized KIWA CERMET certification body.

SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners at EXPODENT 2016 in Chile


Our Global Presence..
Wherever you go - We are there!


EXPODENT 2016 Santiago Chile SOLTEC SONICA ULtrasonic Cleaners

SOLTEC-SONICA Global Presence


Wherever you go - We are there!

Our demanding customers require the best products and services at the highest quality standards in the industry of Ultrasonic Cleaners.
In many countries worldwide, SOLTEC Company successfully combines a global presence.
We are close to our customers and help them meet their needs.
On the local distributors' shelves, customers will find SOLTEC-SONICA Ultrasonic Cleaners, accessories and special cleaning fluids for ultrasonic cleaning, for which our top quality demand is always guaranteed.

Soltec LabNews


SOLTEC LabNews, a new tool to stay easily informed in the application of ultrasounds in research and industry: SOLTEC LabNews. Stay tuned.

Download SOLTEC LabNews issues:

SONICA TRENDMATIC TD Ultrasonic Automatic Multifunction System with Thermal Disinfection Cycle


SONICA TrendMatic L is the first ultrasound washing and cleaning system with a completely  thermal disinfection automatic cycle.

It has the ability to use 6.5 litres and is particularly indicated for the treatment of surgical instruments before sterilization in the autoclave.
The touch screen allows the control of  all the automatic cycle functions of the system, from the ultrasonic cleaning parameters , to the activation of a rinsing system with pressure spray nozzles, to the thermal disinfection and drying cycle.

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