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Detergent and disinfectants for ultrasonic cleaning

SONICA® special detergents for ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection

Linea completa detergenti e disinfettanti SONICA®

Choice of detergents for industry, laboratory, dentistry, hygiene and service.

Many industrial and household cleaners are not suitable for the ultrasonic cleaning treatments because they may contain aggressive compounds like acids or alkaline solutions (for example sodium hypochlorite) that contains chlorine that cause corrosion as soon as coming directly into contact with the steel tank during ultrasonic wave propagation.


For this reason, SOLTEC Company with specialized know-how develops and produces special cleaning and disinfection agents for ultrasonic technology. Cleaning agents SONICA® for professional ultrasonic cleaning are designed to allow good propagation of ultrasonic waves, and to guarantee an accurate deep cleaning and disinfection of the objects.

The complete range includes cleaning agents and disinfectants for the removal of any kind of residue from any surface.

Formulated directly in SOLTEC laboratories, SONICA cleaning solutions can also be created using customized specific formulas for specific individual customer requirements and for removal specific types of contaminants.

All SONICA® detergents are intended for professional use only and are especially developed for ultrasound.  They are tested in our laboratories to ensure the maximum effectiveness of chemicals during the physical ultrasonic wave propagation.  Optimum results with ultrasonic cleaning require the proper cleaning detergent. The choice of detergent is important because it should not be harmful to the surfaces and materials to be treated and the chemicals agents have to remove soiling thoroughly.

The powerful SONICA® cleaning concentrates, designed for supporting cavitation energy, ranging from acid to alkaline can be diluited in small doses directly in tap water. For specific applications solutions ready-to-use are also available.

Depending on the type of detergent used and the contaminant to be removed,  in a very short time you can clean different materials like porcelain, glass, metals and plastics.

For items made in aluminum SOLTEC, from the know-how during last America's Cup,  has developed a special alkaline detergent called SONICA® ML particularly indicated for cleaning delicate parts.
Other alkaline detergents are suitable for removing grease and animal, unlike those acids are suitable for removing oxides and scale.


Detergente SONICA PCB Cleaner per il lavaggio schede elettroniche

SONICA® PCB Cleaner detergent for cleaning electronic circuit boards

For the electronics industry, SOLTEC has developed SONICA® PCB Cleaner, a ready to use cleaning agent free of hazardous solvents, specifically designed for rapid removal of residual solder paste, flux and dirt residues from various kinds of electronic cards. It's excellent for deep cleaning of SMT and traditional circuit boards.

The product is alkaline pH11 and ultrasonic cleaning bath is recommended to set a temperature of about 40°C.


Constant SOLTEC research and experience in the medical field has allowed to realize a concentrated aqueous solution with decontaminating and cleansing action for using with SONICA® ultrasonic cleaners. SONICA® CL4% is a safe and effective disinfectant with excellent detergency properties for the decontamination of surgical instruments and medical device.

The detergents table shows the various products, their effectiveness and recommendation, the pH and the percentage of water dilution.

SONICA® detergents list and  technical carachteristics

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