S.A.M.3 Automatic Multifunction System
Ultrasonic Cleaners S.A.M.3
Custom: No
Embeddable model available: No
Tank dimensions External dimensions Capacity
300x240x150 405x540x510 9 l
Average input power Peak ultrasonic power Power during heating
1600 W 180 W 1420 W
Other characteristics
Frequency Transducers Liquid drain available on
39 KHz 4 Auto 19mm
Ultrasonic Cleaners Datasheet

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Ultrasonic Cleaner serie LCD_small

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaner S.A.M.3


The real innovative system for patients and operators safety in all in one apparatus

The multifunction equipment SONICA S.A.M.3 has been designed to carry out a complete cycle of washing by means of ultrasounds and a proper detergent, several rinses with running water (treated properly with a softener if the hardness values are not compatible with the use of the equipment) and drying with thermal cycle at 85°C or 93°C. for instruments used in the medical, dental, beauty and veterinary fields.

SONICA S.A.M. 3 Basic and new L version presented at the last IDS 2013 in Cologne Germany.

Stefano Guidi, Chairman e CEO at SOLTEC presents the main characteristics of this innovative and useful product.

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